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TPS Level I

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A joint venture by National History Day in Colorado, The History Colorado Center and funded in part by a grant from TPS MSU Denver at Metropolitan State University of Denver 


National History Day Educator Workshop

August 6-7, 2015


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This class applies an inquiry-learning model using primary sources available through the Library of Congress website to develop a National History Day project.  The LOC has digitized over 37 million primary sources to bring learners the raw materials of U.S. society and culture spanning more than 200 years.  Crossing multiple disciplinary areas, these sources inspire curiosity, prompt interesting questions, and support investigations of these questions—thereby creating conditions that promote deeper thinking and understanding.












  • The benefits of --and how to-- incorporate History Day in your classroom
  • How to navigate and use the Library of Congress digital primary source collections in instruction
  • How to create basic inquiry-based learning experiences
  • How to include Colorado history topics in your History Day instruction and in your classroom













Annotated Resource Set (ARS)An ARS combines a set of primary sources with a lesson plan.  The ARS contains thumbnail images and links to thematically chosen primary sources along with suggested instructional design components such as essential questions, standards, objectives, learning activities, assessment strategies and links to other related resources. 


Primary Source-based Learning Activity Design an activity utilizing primary sources from the Library of Congress using one or more of the inquiry based strategies/techniques learned in this workshop (e.g. RQI, Multiple Perspectives, etc.)


















* This wiki is not an official publication of the Library of Congress and does not represent official Library of Congress communications.


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